Montel Moore Releases “This Time”— First Music Single From Breakthrough Artist

St. Louis, MO (May 11, 2018) — Montel Moore has released a new music single, “This Time,” to kick off his debut album, Moore of Me. Listeners can stream the track at Spotify, Amazon Music, and 150 other digital sites. Moore will launch additional singles from the album over the next few weeks.

“This Time” channels a lush, R&B sound to express a universal truth—we all make mistakes, we all must try again, and we all need forgiveness. Because Moore created all vocals for the track, there is singular conviction in this music. When he sings the poignant hook, “This time I’m holding on, this time I will be strong—this time,” Moore captures our flawed humanity, so desperately in need of second chances.

That need is personal for Moore. “When I wrote ‘This Time,’” Moore recalls, “I was tired of doing the same old thing, making the same old mistakes, and not loving myself because of that. I also sensed that anyone could relate to my feelings—no matter what their nationality, race, color, or belief.”

Moore is clear that his faith in God “is a huge influence on my music.” But for this sing

le, “I wanted to go deeper, to reach people that may not believe as I believe and to voice the truth that we are all humans and we all make mistakes.”

Born and raised in the heart of St. Louis, Moore is a musician, singer/songwriter, and music educator with an unwavering passion for creatively expressing himself through the art of music. Moore has served as the soloist for a multitude of special events in both sacred and secular music and as a judge for numerous choir auditions. In 2011 and 2012, Moore was the proud recipient of the Louis Armstrong Award for young musicians—an honor also bestowed on musicians John Mayer, Steve Vai, and Pat Metheny. Moore has performed as a Vocal Artist for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, has sung the National Anthem for the St. Louis Blues, and was recently profiled on FOX2-St. Louis. He teaches music privately and is a Music Specialist for Float STL.

To get in touch with Montel Moore—to arrange an interview, schedule a performance, or order a promo copy of “This Time”—please contact [email protected],, or #montelmusic, or phone/text 314-348-3833.

Listen Free here.